Maintenance Tips


  • The Always get your car serviced from authorized service station.
  • Keep the tyre pressure always correct as per the recommendation of the manufacturer it is available in the service book.
  • If the vehicle is being not used for longer durations say weeks together, it is recommended that start the engine at least every alternate day and keep it on for 15-20 minutes.
  • At the time of parking of the vehicle ensure to turn the ignition off and take out the key, ensure that no electrical component is on, close the door properly so that the dome light is off, check that the parking or head light is in off condition.
  • Do not run the engine in case of any leakage is noticed, contact your service centre immediately in such a case, or if you are aware of checking the fluids level then check coolant level, power steering oil level, Brake oil level, clutch oil level, engine oil level and if possible gear oil differential oil level.
  • Always get the wheel alignment, wheel balancing and tyre rotation done at the time of service and after every 20,000 kms. Run; get the tyres sides changed from inside out from a reputed tyre shop.
  • Whenever taking the vehicle out for ride ensure that engine is kept on for 2-3 minutes without acceleration and without shifting the gears. When the engine is warm up then only put it in gear.
  • Due to the driving conditions the air filter gets chocked remember to get it cleaned / replaced time to time, as the schedule may suggest a different changing interval but the actual condition of the filter determines the replacement.
  • Always use good quality of screen wash for car wiper washer, as the substandard may cause chemical reaction with the glass and result in poor illumination in the night driving, which can result in an accident and the non use of screen wash can lead to sulphur and salts formation on the wiper nozzle and wiper motor in, outlets causing pre mature failure.
  • After every 40,000/ Kms run or when ever any substandard fuel has been used in the vehicle get your fuel tank cleaned.
  • Always use parking brakes in parked conditions , never put in gear and park.


  • Do not keep the engine on when vehicle static, un-necessarily.
  • Always switch off the engine on red lights if the time to go is more than 15 seconds.
  • Do not use Air conditioner or blower when the vehicle is static and turn off the engine on every static condition.
  • Always keep the tyre pressure correct.
  • Do not drive zigzag drive in straight line
  • Do not overload the vehicle.
  • Use correct grade of fuel.
  • Keep the air Filter and fuel filter always clean.
  • Get the vehicle serviced at right interval.
  • Change the gears at the right RPM.
  • Do not unnecessary rush up and avoid excessive brakings.
  • Always ensure the hand brake is fully released before driving.
  • Maintain speed of 80-100 Kms/hr. in case of passenger vehicle and 65-80 KM/hr in case of load carrier vehicle with full load, to achieve optimum mileage.